Each year search engine algorithm were changing from time to time, sometime it only change slightly some another time it could change greatly into core. We should take a good look of every change and applying it into our own strategies.

neil patel backlinking strategy 2018

Eventough this video were a litle bit a year too late, but we could still learn from it. At least we could identifying type of backlink.

maximum impact backlink power

Something new will happen and we had to learn and apply the new things. Lets learn how Brian Dean doing backlinking in this 2018.

2018 link building study case

Neil Patel is the right man to explain about backlink, we could learn a lot of things from him. Backlinking is significant for our website growth, but we have to do it carefully or it might backlashing.

neil patel explain about backlink

This is one great video of how to create backlink for our website. We should be following the guidance tightly step by step.

create backlink for website